Week 10 Progress

At first, this week I have refined the postcode atlas table that I was working on last week. I changed all the texture value in the table into corresponding codes, also there are new tabs in the postcode atlas table recording data with codes. With Natalia's instruction, I find the direction to work out the layer 5 country list that I got stuck for previous weeks. So I finished the last two column "language" and "ancestry" of this country list table. There is still some data hard to allocate to specific countries due to the vague definition from the ABS Census Tablebuilder, for example, the ancestry data named as "African, so described", "Asian, so described". But the majority of the language and ancestry data is easy to allocate, so I think I have collected all the most important data already. Next week, I will complete the postcode table with a new Tab 'Cultural Diversity Data'. The work for me would be collecting the data for each post code from the ABS Census Tablebuilder tables, in particular 3 categories:
CD_ANC1P: Ancestry 1st Response
CD_BPLP: Country of Birth of Person
CD_LANP: Language Spoken at Home.
I am very excited to see these tables are becoming more and more integrated with more information!