Research Proposal First Draft: International Engagement

Buzz words

International partnership; global diplomacy (index map); IR; cultural policy; social issues; cultural exchange; transnational connections; 

Research Problem

We know that museums are collaborating internationally, sharing resources etc. But there is lacking research into a framework for international partnerships based on the evaluation of current strategies used to both establish and maintain these relationships.

Research Purpose

To evaluate current practices in the establishment and maintenance of strong, fruitful international partnerships between cultural organisations in order to identify key attributes of successful relationships such that a general framework can be developed to apply to potential future partnerships.

This research asks: are there specific attributes that are common across international partnerships with different countries/organisations? – if so, what are they and what are the idiosyncrasies?

These could be categorised in a way such as; social issues/values, economic issues/values, cultural issues/values, political issues/values.

The aim would be to develop a general framework of international cultural partnership development and maintenance strategies – may take the form of steps to follow, but more likely would create map/s or model/s of strategic pathways.

Although each relationship is unique, there are likely underlying commonalities between successful international transcultural partnerships and that is the hypothesis that this research aims to prove.

Potential Methods

  • Case study ACMI
  • Document analysis of Annual Reports
  • Network analysis of ACMI relationships with Int’l orgs

Preliminary Resources

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Fantastic work, Kisrtin! As usual! A clear research goal and a strong understanding of how to achieve it! I love the idea to develop categories and typologies according to different nature of relationships! I think it can be a valuable contribution to the project. I would also encourage you to think more strategically how mapping techniques could enhance this taxonomy leading to an exploration of what types of relationships are prevalent in different parts of the world and why! I am excited about this project!!!

Thank you for your feedback Natalia, I am glad you also find this an interesting research topic and I am excited to get stuck into it! I will update my feed early next week with initial progress.