Week 7

Hello. I was in at ACMI X Mon-Wed and completed 11 stories. I found going back and re-writing the T2 stories more straight forward (under an hour, 45 mins). The T1 stories were harder, taking up to 2 hours each to write. I think this is because it doesn't create for good writing (and poor academia!) if I write on a topic that you don't fully understand. And so I'm finding that I spend some time reading Elle's report, then going to the links and reading about it myself, choosing an angle, drastically editing Elle's work, finding 5 sources that match my writing and then reading it back and making changes. I hope this is useful feedback. For Larissa and I it's working a treat (the T2) and I don't want to change the process there. But the style and content difference from the T1 means that I'm perhaps only taking 20% of Elle's writing after research into my final piece. For this reason I met with Elle do discuss ways in which we can speed up our production. We're going to try with a few different ways until we find a streamlined method that still gets the desired outcome. But interesting content and fun stuff, great office btw (can I get on the emailing list for events please?) but just keen to find a way that will allow us to write more.