Week 10 update

My creative writing for task 1 continued this week. I was again excited to discover the film industries on different countries, and the highlights of ACMI collections related to those countries. I found it challenging to write a short piece when there was a significant number of titles in the collection of a certain country, or there was too many fun facts about it. Yet by the end of the day I managed to learn a lot from the task. For example, I learned a few names of the significant French filmmakers and their iconic work, such as François Truffaut, Gaspar Noe, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (before the task I only knew Luc Besson...). I also discovered that Denmark actually has a fairly long history of producing animations! Though with an imperfect style, Danish animated films draw viewers' attention by telling stories vividly. I look forward to making more discoveries like this!