ACMI X Research – content analysis of the collection

Research proposal


ACMI collection has more than 200,000 films. According to ACMI’s website, a number of items from the collection are rare and had their significance assessed for a digitization project. As a result, 300 items considered to be of interest to a contemporary audience were digitised and preserved.

As one of the objectives of the project is to map ACMI’s holdings and understand their symbolic power, I propose to start my research from items considered unique and rare. This proposal is based on the assumption that those items stand out within ACMI’s collection and may be relevant assets when considering the value of ACMI’s collection both to Australian and international audiences.

The methodology of research will consist of the gathering of data on the selected items and a posterior analysis of such data.

  1. The data to be collected are:
  • Title of the film
  • Media
  • Duration
  • Country of production
  • Language
  • History of screenings
  • Any association of the topic of the film and a specific city/country
  1. The data will be collected using:
  • ACMI’s collection system
  • Significance assessment documents
  • ACMI’s records (to search for previous loans and screening history)
  • Internet search
  1. The analysis of the data:

This step will draw over the significance assessment of those items and the collected data to interpret how the films or set of films may be of interest to specific audiences in specific countries. It will attempt to understand how items or groups of items from the collection may be of interest to specific communities in Australia and abroad.


Fantastic research focus, Maria! I really love the idea to explore rare items in the collection, which could definitely have a stronger appeal and attraction power. I would encourage you to think more strategically how you could align more closely your research task with this great project. It would be very interesting to explore the "rarity" of holdings that represent different cultures and countries to see where they actually come from to the collection! 

Dear Natalia, thank you for your feedback! I'm happy it can be an interesting research focus. I will now start to work on a strategy and methodology to undertake this project. I'll submit a new draft soon.