Research Proposal Draft

I am particularly interested in contemporary fine art practices and the ways in which these are reflected in the ACMI collection. There are aspects of live performance that intersect with the ACMI collection that are particularly interesting to me. For example, Ex Nilalang, which "is a cumulative performance video project by Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra", which was designed to straddle performance and recorded video art spheres. Then, there are works such as Marina Abramovic's The Space in Between, which is accessible through the ACMI youtube channel, and was conceptualised as a live performance piece but is now being accessed through a video recording in a video-centric gallery.

I would be interested in looking at contemporary fine art, be it installation, performance, or otherwise-based, and seeing where that intersects with new media/video technology that ACMI prioritises in its collection/museological rationale. As I am yet to encounter the ACMI collection, I cannot presently be sure of my thesis statement or the particular thrust of my research, but I am interested in the ways in which the time of the art's production or the cultural influences/heritage of the work impact the synchronicity of new video media with other contemporary practices (esp. performance).

Question for explorations include: Are some works more comfortable inhabiting this dual space? Are some works holding onto something in their performance-based nature that isn't being explored in their video reproduction? Does the video recording of a performance reflect the original artwork? Or does it create a new work? Or are these ideas not at odds with each other?


Great ideas! I think this is a really interesting and fascinating topic for exploration! While your main research goal will be to explore the cultural diversity of the ACMI Collection, I would encourage you to pursue your interests in contemporary art practices reflected in old and new holding of the ACMI collections.  At the same time you could  reflect on how well these practices are represented in different cultures which constitute ACMI curatorial and museological preferences and interests.