Early Cultural Content Mapping

I’ve been focusing on the initial task of using ACMI’s collection search engine in order to collate the number of films in the collection that relate in some way to each of the nations I’ve taken on (alphabetically, Afghanistan > Latvia). When I began this by searching by title, Afghanistan came up with 7 results. I then tried another type of search that is more generalised, and picks up on the search object ‘Afghanistan’ in titles, descriptions, synopses etc. This came up with 51 results, meaning that 44 titles that were not explicitly referring to Afghanistan, but dealt with the nation/culture thematically were being missed by the limited title search. From now on I’ll be using this method, unless problems arise.


Great to see this progress, Hugh! and what a wonderful finding! I like a lot your methodology! This research is really exciting! well done! Please, make sure that you record your findings in the excel  spreadsheet!  This is important!

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Hi Natalia,

Thanks for the feedback!

You can find mine and Maria's findings in the raw data tabs at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet. We've just put them separately so it doesn't get too messy on the official spreadsheet, but they should be accessible to you via those tabs (which say Maria_RawData & Hugh_RawData)