Week 4: Check-In - Mapping Game Masters: statistics and other wondrous things

(1.) I have found that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has been the best source for national population stats and general statistics etc. this week.
However, the census was undertaken in 2011 and then in 2016 and I have found that a lot of sources have quoted these without attempting to ascertain specific data for a specific period that fell between these ie. 2012, 2013, 2014 etc. also information in general seems to be focused on countries, states or territories and not on cities. Such an issue is not specific to the ABS but widespread. I also believe that at one point funding was withdrawn so that statistics in Aus can be a matter of guest-imation so have been cautious when recording stats to double check sources.

(2.) I have also found annual reports to be an excellent source of information on GM exhibitions but have noticed that in ACMI in Melbourne and the PowerHouse reports the concern for specific cultural data on visitation is minimal or non-existant while places such as NZ have more in-depth statistics, graphs and even questionnaires included. It is also obvious as annual reports move toward 2018 that the digital becomes a prime concern whereas in past documents it is underestimated as a tool for increasing or measuring visitation.

(3.) Unlike the Bilbao buildings of the present or even ACMI, despite having award-winning archiecture (a firm not a single branded individual), the Powerhouse Museum has a strong heritage aspect. It is based in the original Ultimo Power House which once powered the cities tram network and was the site of innovation, such as the where the first turbine alternators where tried and tested. Such references mark it with multiple levels of significance and attraction.

(4.) I am also disappointed to find, at this point, that the blockbusters have not been as responsive as I had hoped to the specificities of place/ cities that each iteration is held. However, I will need to obtain the catalogue for each GM exhibition from each museum to understand this in more detail.

(5.) Also, GM at ACMI in Melbourne was not in the excel spreadsheet as a destination and I added it.


Really interesting and important findings this week, Eliza! Indeed different museums approach their visitation research and stats differently in terms of their priorities, but also it could be an institutional policy issue. Some museums can not share a lot of data publicly as it will violate their internal non-disclosure policies. Also happy to see that you find other important "attraction" criteria of museum architecture and buildings, such as historical and heritage value that set their main characteristics. Great job! & glad you added Melbourne to the list! It will be interetsing to compare how the exhibit was perceived at home vs overseas.