Country of creation correction

Small edit made to the country of production information that was given. 'India' had 490 films come up in general search, and 0 listed in the country of production data that was passed on, which surprised me. Upon looking up 'India' in country of production search, I came up with 154 results, which sounded more correct. I've made the correction on the spreadsheet, and am scanning for similar errors that may have occurred.


Also corrected Iran (37), Ireland (34), and Israel (9). All these were reported as having 0 works produced there.

Fantastic! Thank you Hugh for updating the information with correct data! Could it be that these films were added to the collection most recently?
Great job!!!

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I doubt that all the ones in the same alphabetical section were added recently, I think that would be too much of a coincidence. I think maybe there was just an error in the 'I' section, but all resolved now.

Thank you, Hugh! I'll also review the numbers of my countries.