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As I'm writing a story on the 'China' results, it struck me to search 'Hong Kong', as it is a huge film-making industry, and it is sometimes subsumed under the title of 'China', and sometimes not. ACMI resources list Hong Kong as its own entity, as a place of production separate from China. It also has its own list of film attached to it thematically. I feel as though I should add Hong Kong to the list of 'Countries' in the spreadsheet. Thoughts? I feel as though categorising Hong Kong under China is potentially problematic, and it doesn't reflect ACMI's own categorisation.


Hi Hugh,

I consult my roommate who is specialising in Moving Image, and she thinks it's right to seperate China (Mainland China), from Hong Kong and even Taiwan. It is complicated as Hong Kong has autonomy and is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. There were so many good films and popular directors during the 80s and 90s. I would say Hong Kong's film industry has huge influence on that of Mainland, in terms of artistic quality or film theory. Last thing, both Hong Kong and Taiwan have different distribution and production structures as I know.

This book might be helpful: Cites and Cinema by Barbara Mennel. Go page 84 and you will find anything you need for Hong Kong and Mainland film industries. Good Luck!

Best, Jean

Thanks so much Jean!

That's really helpful, I'll let Maria know about Taiwan as well, since that's in her half of the alphabet.

Thanks again for the confirmation/guidance, I'll be sure to look at that reference to point me in the right direction.


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Thank you both Jean and Hugh!
Taiwan appears separate in my spreadsheet and despite the fact that I have never visited any of the three countries I agree that they have very specific cinema productions. I'm a fan of some Hong Kong and Taiwanese directors :)

Jean, thank you for the book recommendation as well. It is available in the library as an e-book: https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/unimelb/detail.action?docID=330990


These are very valuable findings! The choice of countries in our demo version was determined by the mapping technology we used before, but since I aim to improve the mapping software to reflect results of the current research project it would be extremely helpful if we revise the list of countries and include all those which we missed before. Could you suggest some other except Taiwan and Hong Kong?

Hi Natalia,

Nothing springs to mind, but I will do as you instructed in the email and include other countries if they occur to me (& highlight in green).