Week 2: Data collection on Trip Advisor

Research task: Collecting geographic data of ACMI audiences through Tripadvisor reviews.

Google Fusion Map of ACMI reviewers on TripAdvisor: 

Google Fusion Table: Mapping ACMI Trip Advisor Reviewers
Click image to see the full interactive map

To give a visual sense of the concentration of these reviews around the globe, I created an interactive map here: https://goo.gl/ZAeB2H

This is an interactive map visualizing the location and ratings of 1,163 ACMI reviewers on TripAdvisor. Each reviewer is marked by a dot in their listed city. The dot colors represent their TripAdvisor ratings (5 stars being the highest score, and 1 star the lowest):

  • Red = 5 points
  • Green = 3 and 4 points
  • Yellow = 1 and 2 points

Top countries for ACMI reviewers on TripAdvisor:

Based on the reviews on ACMI on TripAdvisor, majority of the reviewers reside in Australia and New Zealand. UK and USA are close runner-ups.

  1. Australia & Oceania: 745
  2. Europe: 180
  3. North America: 104
  4. Asia: 87
  5. Central/South America: 34
  6. Middle East, North Afrida, and Greater Arabia: 13
  7. Unlisted: (170)

Frequently-used words based on ratings:

The table below sheds light on some findings:

  • 95% of reviewers rate their ACMI visit very favourably with 5 stars (780 reviews) and 4 stars (493 reviews).
  • Top countries which rated the ACMI visit with 5 stars and 4 stars are: Australia, UK, USA and New Zealand. This is parallel with the top countries who left reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Tracking the most frequently-used words used in the reviews grouped by ratings sheds light on the popular adjectives used to describe the ACMI visit.
  • Favorable reviews often include the words “Great, Free, Interactive, Interesting” while reviews with lower ratings feature the words “Boring, Dark, Noisy, Dead”.

Note: These words were gathered from reviews written in English. It excludes reviews in other languages as translations may result in a misinterpretation of the exact word or expressions intended.

Frequently-used words based on ratings