Blockbuster exhibition - DreamWorks Animation

Key Findings this week:
1) In the case of TaiPei, the host organisation National Taiwan Education Science Centre referred DWA as a 'Special Exhibition'. Obviously, NTESC is an organisation known for its science exhibitions related to 'Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and the Earth Sciences'. To me, it's a little bit awkward to have DWA being placed at somewhere like Melbourne Museum. On the other side, NTESC does have fully-equiped technological facilities such as the stimulating 3D Theater and the fun-filled Virtual Reality Theater. Besides, NTESC is regarded as a learning space for younger generation, according to the reviews on social media. Moreover, in its promotion (say media release) of DWA exhibition, there was an obvious marketing target on children and family. For better understanding, all the names of characters had been translated into Chinese idiomatically, which is fascinating!

I'm wondering if there is a two-way choice between ACMI and other host organisations.

2) The tickets for this exhibition were much more expensive at NTESC than those of the others, which were around 40 to 50 AUD per entry. I wonder why.... And this might be the reason that NTESC had the lowest volume of visitors.

3) More available information found when I search in original language (Chinese) for Taipei. Social media comments/reviews surfaced new insights into what visitors found important about their experience, and pointed towards some root causes.

4) From what Greg Turner has done with his data gained on Tripadvisor, I see something interesting and fascinating. Basically, he grabbed all the reviews on Tripadvisor and sorted them by rating in Excel. With computational tools, he was able to visualise the reviews by visitors. (pretty much like as what we are trying to do now I suppose). The better thing is ACMI is open-sourcing the code. I think this strongly reveals the soft power of ACMI.

Source: https://labs.acmi.net.au/sticky-tape-and-string-learning-faster-from-tr

5) Neither City of Monterrey nor the museum (MARCO) have much to be accessed online, unfortunately. I'm now seeking help from MariaTeresa, (of course she says yes), and her beautifully-spoken Spanish to solve this issue.

6) From everything I have observed during this researching, I find all the international host museums, were being sponsored by corporate to put this blockbuster on show. For example, Te papa was supported by AA Insurance. And some sponsors, like CMEX in the case of Monterrey, have established a long-term relationship with the museums.
BUT, according to Maria and myself, we also find that Asian cities as well as the Latin American cities don't have this culture of sharing museum annual reports to the public.