For this week, what I mainly did was complementing the data base.

Also, I looked at independent bloggers'/ media reviews on the DWA exhibitions in different host cities. These are the highlights.

'While it was enjoyable, i felt that it was quite short. It might be challenging to showcase sufficient materials while keeping the experience interesting, especially when the medium is digital. It will definitely delight kids and the young-at-heart.'
'Really, it does not matter whether you are DreamWorks’ die-hard fan or not, many of us have seen their movies and enjoyed it. It is a visual treat for all, regardless of age and interest.'
PS. 27 for adult (20 for resident), including three exhibitions at that time.

'As part of the exhibition, Te Papa held a public seminar and a series of workshops at their premises on the 19th and 20th of February, exploring the animation industry and other related disciplines - The Te Papa Talks Animation: Exploring Digital Storytelling, Character Design workshop and Animation Production, etc... From the time you set foot in the entrance you’re surrounded on all sides by concept art, character maquettes, dioramas, interview footage and animation showreels on big and small screen alike... There was no end of inspiration to be found at the DreamWorks Exhibition and accompanying events. From the endless sea of concept sketches, dioramas and character maquettes at the main exhibition, to behind-the-scenes insights of the creation process at the seminar, and the interactive workshops run by industry professionals, my experience of the events that I attended was incredibly motivating and nothing short of enriching.'
Source: http://guides.lib.umich.edu/c.php?g=282776&p=1884201


'[展覽推薦] 我在夢工廠特展看到專業的態度!
但這裡非常的推薦給做動畫的人員,甚至是電影產業的人員。從草圖的建構,到角色設計,立體雕塑模型,場景的實體微縮模型,2D動畫律表的操作區(10台cintiq!?),可操作的臉部模擬器,可操作的海洋模擬器,可操作的調光模擬器!,音樂音效的專區,分鏡講解的專區,大量的colorscript。3分鐘的半環形劇場,讓你坐在無牙背上,體驗從劇本經過草圖,動態腳本,colorscript,model,tex ,shading, lighting, mattpaing,vfx到博克島上凌空的飛翔。錯過這個感覺很可惜呢。'
- Highly recommend! An excellent and professional special exhibition. I was worried when heard that this exhibition might merely be photogenic. But what I saw today was so warm that had made me wanna cry... Huge pity if you miss it!'

Nothing particular written in English. But here is one post about the museum. 'MARCO is very baby-friendly, so we take our light stroller (Uppababy Glux) with us but let her roam free if it’s not very crowded. The museum is very accessible–the hallways are wide enough to accommodate several strollers at once...MARCO is definitely our favorite though, and will always have a very special place in our hearts because we got married right there.'

'So many things to love about this exhibit since it had a lot of the models and sketches and artwork. It had some cool parts where it showed off how the whole creative team goes from sketches to the drawing board. There was even this video that took us for a first person view as we saw Berk be built... This is only a super tiny portion of exhibition. It was pretty enlightening and lots of stuff to learn from.'
PS. $20 per adult for entry fee, which not only included DWA, but also 6 other permanent exhibitions plus entry to Children’s Museum along with a film.