YouTube Analysis Update #3

As I have begun on the exhibition promotional/expositional video content from the YouTube channel, I have run into the challenge of what countries to assign to the videos. Anything specific to a country of culture will obviously have that country/culture included. Things that are more globally targetted/produced will be tagged with 'Global', as has been done previously. However, as these are promos from exhibitions conducted in Australia at the ACMI site, I have decided that all will be tagged with Australia as a relevant country, as I don't think they should be separated from the context they were created in/conducted in. I'd appreciate any feedback.



An exception to this rule are talks/interviews etc, where I will continue to list the speaker's significant national/cultural attachments, as well as the nation/culture relevant to the film/art they're speaking on. (As I did with the similarly formatted #ACMI Events interview snippets)