Notes - Week 5

Last week I finished the YouTube analysis of the "Next Gen" playlist, thus completing my assigned content for the spreadsheet 'ACMI YouTube Channel.'

The majority of the videos in this playlist were part of the Screen It competition organised by ACMI and made by Australian students. Due to that fact, all films in this playlist are related to Australia. Some of the works referred to or were inspired by other countries, and in those cases, the relevant country was listed in the following column. Similarly, the majority of films were in English, being some with audio in English and others with no dialogue but having written text in English on the screen. These details were explained for each item on the column 'content analysis.' There were, however, some exceptions as some films had no dialogue and no written text on the screen. For those, the 'Primary language' column was completed with 'none.'

Finally, I would like to explain in this note that, although there was an effort in analysing the content of the works accurately it is possible that some minor mistakes were made as films were not watched for their total length.

I'll start now the next spreadsheet, 'ACMI Collection YouTube Channel,' and report my progress next week.