Research Update 3 (16/05/18)

Progress: I have finished my content analysis of all ACMI's annual reports up to the 2016/17 report. The next step will be to fill in the latitude/longitude coordinates and then to filter through the data to find the most interesting engagements to further research.

Observations: Having completed the analysis of all the annual reports I was able to fill in the 'General' sheet wherein the data is enormously simplified to give an overview of the countries whose organisations ACMI has most engaged with. Herein, I only counted each organisation once, regardless of the number of times ACMI engaged with them (although I can edit this - I am not yet sure which gives a better depiction... i.e. ACMI has engaged with the British Film Institute six times, however as this is only one organisation I have listed it as one 'relevant contact' for International Engagements in the 'General' sheet)

Mapping International Engagements

This research task involves exploration of ACMI international networks of partners, collaborators and contacts which facilitate cross-cultural projects, curatorial and artistic exchanges and many other activities that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. ACMI has an extensive network of partners throughout the world residing in different continents, from Americas to Asia Pacific.

Research Proposal First Draft: International Engagement

Buzz words

International partnership; global diplomacy (index map); IR; cultural policy; social issues; cultural exchange; transnational connections; 

Research Problem

We know that museums are collaborating internationally, sharing resources etc. But there is lacking research into a framework for international partnerships based on the evaluation of current strategies used to both establish and maintain these relationships.

Research Purpose