Check In: Week 6 + 7, 9/ 05/ 2018

So, not much to report.

1. Have started to develop a system where I begin with National statistics bureau as the best for population, migration etc. (and most accurate)

2. Then move to specific governmental organisations that deal with tourism and/ or immigration.

3. Have found that a pro-active approach is the best, if I am unable to find a source for specific data, I ask!

4. I have been in contact with most of the bureaus and museums to find data that is hard to locate or unavailable online. People have been so helpful and pleased to be able to point me to specific and hard to locate statistics. It has initiated ongoing conversations with some and in rare cases gaps etc.


(1). The Museum of Scotland's GM exhibition is the first with a place and people-specific narrative as well as what appears to be additional gamers (but I need to double check the catalogue before I can confirm this).

(2). The website states: Scottish superstars:

From the early 1990s, Scotland has been recognised as the home of some of the UK's leading game developers. For its Scottish stay, Game Masters featured the work of four pioneering Scottish companies.

DMA Design, from Dundee, created some of the most innovative games of the 1990s, including the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto (1997) and Britain's fastest selling game, Lemmings (1991).

Also from Dundee, recent University of Abertay graduates Space Budgie brought their innovative new game Glitchspace (2014) to the exhibition, offering you the chance to experience what it is like to programme code while solving challenges in a cyberspace world.