We aim to bring the most complex vision and ideas to life to provide a unique value for our customers by humanizing technology to create meaningful digital experiences.
We harness the power of cutting-edge technology, constantly excel our IT expertise, and draw on cost-optimization to offer our customers out of the box solutions and innovative software products.
IT consulting
We provide IT consulting services to help optimize business processes, restructure current systems, or design a new solution from scratch for our customers.
Software development
We convert original ideas into reliable and robust software solutions, co-designing the final product with our customers on all stages of the software development cycle.
System integration
We provide software, data and API integration and build service-oriented architecture by masterfully connecting existing IT systems and microservices to strengthen business solutions.
Customers’ policy
We transform our customers’ big vision and bold ideas into fully functional software products and services to satisfy their needs and expectations. We effectively work with many programming languages, platforms, and experiment with new technologies to achieve our customers goals.
Victoria Software Globe
Offers a unique web-based dynamic 3-D immersive solution for mapping data by automating data aggregation, analysis and visualization.
Data to Power (based on the Victoria Software Globe)
Data To Power is a new experimental mapping solution that will provide an interface for automatic data aggregation from museums to visualize museum global outreach and influence in different countries. It will offer a new data analysis tool for universal use in museums to demonstrate their impact in different geolocations and to provide an inductive research platform for strategic development and growth.
ACMI on the Global Map (based on the Victoria Software Globe)
This is a pilot version of the digital mapping system "Museum Soft Power Map". This digital system offers a new computation research method to explore contemporary museums and geography of their influence. It geo-visualises museum "soft power," defined as an institutional ability to mobilise global public, generate economic activity and attract international investments.
Eduprofile CMS
EduProfile is a Content Management System developed to serve educational organizations from pre-schools to universities and research institutes. EduProfile is a robust tool for authentication, promotion and delivery of group endeavor that can enhance the work of your organization.
Eduprofile LASALLE College of the Arts (based on Eduprofile CMS)
A Content Management System of the BA (honours) Arts Management Programme at the LASALLE College of the Arts. It brings together portfolios of the Program’s faculty, industry partners, collaborators, and academic advisors. It also serves students to manage their arts projects, to demonstrate the work in progress and to share results and deliverables.
Eduprofile University of Melbourne (based on Eduprofile CMS)
A Content Management System that was used to feature profiles and demonstrate the work of 17 Research Assistants who helped in the development of the project Deep Mapping: Creating a Dynamic Web Application Museum "Soft Power" Map in collaboration with the Australian Center of the Moving Image.
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